Business Opportunities with The Successful Male

The Successful Male is a mission-oriented business with the goal of developing one million men around the globe into better versions of themselves: more purposeful, more confident, more motivated, more decisive, more financially savvy, better connected, stronger character. These will be men that are role models for their families, communities, industries, and nation.

This is a big mission, and it requires a fantastic team.

We are currently looking for men and women of strong character to join the Successful Male team in two specific capacities:

Certified Mentor

In order to maximize the investment that each man makes when he enrolls in the Success Blueprint, he’ll need a mentor. Mentors are personal coaches that help students process and apply their learning. They provide accountability in order to keep students on pace and on track–all with the goal of maximizing their success.

The process to becoming a Certified Mentor is simple, but not easy. You have to do the work.

In order to help coach men through this life changing content, you’ll need to show that you’ve processed these models and are applying them to your own life and business. You’ll start by completing The Success Blueprint program alongside a Certified Broker.

Our Certified Brokers recruit and train their best students as Certified Mentors, and that could be you.

Certified Mentors are men and women who work as independent contractors alongside Certified Brokers to introduce The Success Blueprint to more men in their region. They receive compensation for each student they take through The Success Blueprint, and depending on their goals, Certified Mentors could work part-time or full-time in this capacity. The Successful Male provides ongoing training to mentors in our content and methodology.

If you have a desire to grow personally and to help men in your area do the same by becoming a Certified Mentor, we’d love to talk.

Explore becoming a mentor.

Certified Broker

Certified Brokers are responsible for creating teams of outstanding Certified Mentors in order to dramatically expand the impact of The Success Blueprint. They build regional learning and mentoring hubs, and are the primary drivers of this movement.

Like the Mentors they recruit and help train, Certified Brokers are men and women who are all in on the Success Blueprint model. They are responsible for completing The Success Blueprint alongside a mentor from the Successful Male team, and demonstrate that they are applying the models in their own lives and business. They must be men and women of strong character and will present their business plan to the Successful Male team for consideration.

As part of their ongoing personal and business development, Certified Brokers receive regular, specialized training from Ron Malhotra and the Successful Male team. They are compensated for each student that enrolls in the Success Blueprint and receives coaching from one of their Certified Mentors.