The Success Blueprint brings together 27 essential elements that constitute holistic life success. It emphasizes development of the right thinking and the right mindset in order to help you achieve extraordinary results.

In the Success Blueprint you’ll explore everything from relational success, to financial independence, to style and grooming, to vision and values, to leadership, communication, and influence.

The Success Blueprint sneak peak with Ron Malhotra

Imagine Having Access to all of This

The Success Blueprint is the most comprehensive success development program for men in existence.

The Success Blueprint is our comprehensive success development e-course. The path above showcases the 360 development providing you enhanced abilities in character, courage, accomplishment, substance, and style.

There are three levels: Aspire, Advance, and Achieve, with 9 modules in each level. Every module is packed with videos and a workbook, as well as tons of supporting training documents. You’re paired with a Certified Mentor for coaching sessions to support your journey and fully integrate the learning.

This isn’t just inspiration and motivation, the objective is complete and holistic success transformation.

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If you want to design a meaningful life that is consistent with your purpose


If you want to be known as a reliable, trustworthy, man of character


If you aspire to have financial freedom and generate wealth


If you desire genuine and trusting relationships with others


If you want to make a professional impact


If you want to positively influence others

The Success Blueprint is the path.

Results Guaranteed

Ron Malhotra
 The Successful Male Founder

“If you enroll in the program and by module 4 you do not believe that you can double your productivity, efficiency or income by what you have learned, send in your completed worksheets for modules 1-4 (within 30 days of purchase) and The Successful Male USA will return 100% of your investment. This program will work… if you will. Achieve The Extraordinary.”

Flexible Payment Options

You’re about to make a significant investment in yourself. We celebrate that and honor you for taking this step on your journey to success. We’re pleased to offer several payment options, including lump-sum payment and a monthly payment plan in order to make this transformative course and coaching more attainable to more men. You’ll find payment options for The Success Blueprint on our Successful Male Academy page.